Analyze Dependencies and underline

I'd like to rework the dependency on a particular module quickly (and then do the same to another, and another, and so on).  We presently have lots of modules that declare more dependencies than they need to.  I have found the results of the tools to be non-intuitive and so far, they have not been helpful at all.  However I do have a process that works, that I'd like to simplify:

1) optimize imports - this makes it easier to identify dependencies
2) remove module dependency declarations
3) start expanding packages and opening source files

When a dependency problem is found in step 3, IntelliJ will underline the source file, the package, and the module with a wavy red line.  I'd like to find a command that will do this without requiring me to open source files.  

Is there one?

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The command is called 'Make Project' - IntelliJ will try to compile the project and when it fails it will show you those broken files.

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That works.  Thanks.   

I typically avoid make and compile because we have our own tools for that.  But make solves the problem nicely.


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