IntelliJ 13.1 can't open project it just created

Just installed IntelliJ 13.1 on Win7 64 bit under JDK 1.7.

When I create a new project from the Welcome screen it creates the project under the default IdeaProjects/ directory, but it doesn't open the newly created project.  That's issue 1.

The second problem is a show stopper.  When I try to open the newly created project the Open Project dialog will only navigate to the IdeaProjects/ directory, but not to the project directory itself.  Even if I copy and paste the project directory into the text box at the top it won't open it.  The Open Project dialog seems completely broken.

This maked 13.1 Dead on Arrival for me.

Has anyone else seen these issues?

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Importing the project doesn't work either.  The import hangs at the point where it searches for framworks.

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Restarted IntelliJ.  With some trying I was able to import the project.  It was very slow to import.

After the import completed I opened the AndroidManifest.xml and file, but the editor showed nothing.  Opening those files with a text editor showed all 0s, like the files were written in some binary format.

How did the release ever make it out the door?  Version 13.1.3 is completely broken.

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Actually, if new created project does not open, it would already be a show stopper. However, I cannot reproduce this effect.

I suspect that the first opened project may _look_ like "not opened". It's because by default no tool windows is shown and no editor opens on project creation.

Could you attach a screenshot of the whole IDE frame after creating a project and open failure?

Sorry if I've got the case wrong, since "can't open project" looks really exotic.


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A reboot seems to have solved these problems.  Pretty weird, though.


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