Context Menu in Evaluate Expression

I often find myself using Evaluate Expression to determine the correct method to use when an API is not clear.
I then want to copy and past back to the code.
I know I can Ctrl-C, but today I wanted the context menu because I expected something else:
Add to watches

I then accidentally right-clicked on the Result pane before I had evaluated the expression and found that I could Add to watches.
However, as soon as I evaluated the expression Add to Watches becomes greyed out.

This seems a little wierd to me.
Why is there only a context menu in the result pane and not in the expression box?
Why can you only add to watches from the result pane before you have evaluated an expression?

NB the conext menu I was expecting in the expression box is:
Select All
Add to Watches

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Found myself wanting the Context Menu again today to copy the expression so I opened a JIRA call


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