Task-focused development?

Is there a plugin that provides Mylyn-like functionality?  Specifically, I'm looking for something that lets me define hierarchical tasks (I don't need connectivity to a repository, as our home-grown repository is very inaccessible), prioritize them, set due dates and (optionally) start dates, and then most importantly, have the IDE set up a working context for me around the task,  What that means is that it would track what files I access, what VCS changelists I open/close/add files to/etc, and so on, and attach that information to the task.

Further, I'd like a mode in which the IDE shows me only those things that are part of the current task's context.  So the Project view, the Changes view, searches, etc, would all be automatically scoped to the current tasks's context for me, letting me focus only on those items I am currently working on.  I could, of course, add/remove items from the context.

Finally, in the list of tasks, I'd like to be able to filter on things like "due today", "set to start this week", and so on.  Again, this helps me focus on what I need to get done by letting me easily see what I'm supposed to be working on at any given time.

All of this is provided by Mylyn in Eclipse, and I was hoping to find a similar plugin in IntelliJ.  But so far, I haven't.  Is there something out there?

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Therre is IntelliJ Tasks. They don't do 100% of what you want - but you should look into them.


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Thanks, Jon.  I've taken a look at them in the past, and unfortunately, the parts they don't do are the parts I most want.


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