Excludes ignored during resource filtering (Maven)?

I'm running IDEA 8.1 and working with a Maven project.  IDEA now seems to do some resource filtering automatically during make.  However, that resource filtering seems to:

a) Ignore the selected Maven profile
b) Ignore excludes and filtering set to false

Here's a snippet from my pom.xml which specifies excludes and turns filtering off for certain files.  Despite this, IDEA performs resource filtering on applicationContext-resources.xml.  Is this a known issue and is there any way to turn off resource filtering or fix the issue?


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Hi, Meetesh,

What IDEA build do you use?
I've checked both cases on the last eap build and IDEA seems to behave correctly.

Please provide a sample project and steps to reproduce the problem if you are running the last eap version.

Anton Makeev


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