IntelliJ and the latest Android SDK

The recent update to Android SDK, including new releases for Support library, Gradle 2.0 and others affected AndroidStudio a lot - I had to update to latest 0.8.1 version, play around with used libraries and set Gradle to 0.12 in build gradle and 1.12 gradle wrapper. Generally - it worked, and I was able to continue on the project.

It didn't work out that well with another project I have on IntelliJ Idea.
Attempt to set gradle 0.12 results in 'Failed to sync gradle project' all the time, even though custom build via 'gradlew build' works just fine. There seems to be no indication about what the problem is, so I assume latest IntelliJ Idea doesn't support new update to Android SDK. Is that correct?

I can probably switch back to gradle 0.9 for this particular project, but still, when can we expect updates that will add support for new gradle and other updates published after Google IO this year?

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I see this issue in EAP 14 as well with


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