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my intellij hangs most frequently, so i kill the intellij process from task manager. But the problem with this is if i restart start intellij my caches are cleared, intellij loads it as new project where it will loads project libraries and other stuff and indexing also takes time, how to retain cache in this situation?

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Anytime IDEA is not shut down gracefully, it will consider the caches corrupt and rebuild them on restart. There really is no way around this since (to the best of my knowledge) the indexes are active in memory and update as you type. So without a graceful shutdown, they are not saved.

I would focus on determining why IDEA is hanging as this should be occurring. I'd recommend following the instructions in the documents Reporting performance problems and Getting a thread dump when IDE hangs and doesn't respond to report the issue. I'll also mention that one of the leading causes of hangs is a problem with a third-party plug-in. You should try disabling all third party (i.e. non-bundled) plug-ins and see if that resolves the issue. If so, track down which one is causing the issue and contact its developer.


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