IDEA Project and Perforce - in different folder trees?


I'm on a project where I'm new to both IDEA and Perforce... This might be very simple but I just can't find the solution... I'm looking for a way to achieve this:

Sources under P4:


Project files under my documents:

/users/me/documents/IDEA Projects/myproject
/users/me/documents/IDEA Projects/myproject/.idea

If I forget Perforce then I can do that by simply importing pom.xml and selecting "Keep project files in: /users/me/documents/IDEA Projects/myproject". But then I don't seem to be able to use Perforce as it wants to use the project root as actual root, not the P4 workspace root. Is there any workaround? If possible I'd like to avoid saving project related files to the P4 workspace (only sources etc).

TIA, Jan

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Please go to Settings | Version Control and replace <Project> mapping for Perforce with a directory mapping for your workspace root. That should allow Perforce integration to work with your project.

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It still gives the error about "Wrong client specification" with "Client root" vs "Actual root". But it works nevertheless so I'm happy, thank You!


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