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im having some trouble with maven.
i have a android project with a dependency on a module we wrote which i have source code for and is in my project .
something like:


problem is, we have autmated release build who increment the snapshot version of that artifact, so the snapshot version on the nexus repo will change over time.
IntelliJ then pulls the apklib from nexus instead of using the local source code, this is really hard to work with.

i've tried checking the "Resolve workspace artifacts" check box as described here:
but it still pulls from nexus.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance,

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> IntelliJ then pulls the apklib from nexus
What actions in IDE are problematic, when does it pull from nexus?

"Resolve workspace artifacts" check box is a run configuration settings. So, you have created Maven run configuration, and while running, it uses wrong classes?

Thank you,


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