How to debug remotely an application on WebSphere Application Server

Hi there !

I've just launched IDEA for developing and faced with problem how to set up connection to WAS7 in IDEA at Run/Debug Configuration window.

There is an item "WebSphere Server->Remote". But in config window I was promted to input the "Application Server"

According to manual, I should config (and firstly install) local App srv for connection to remote srv.

Item Local/Remote Description
Application server Both Select the server configuration to be used.

If the run/debug configuration is intended for working with                    a remote server, the same server version should be                    configured locally and associated with the run/debug                    configuration.
Click Configure to create a new                    server configuration or edit an existing one. (The Application                    Servers dialog will open.)

Maybe there are some ways that allow to connect directly to remote server without local installation.

Thanks for your thoughts.

BR, Andriy Riabokrys

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Hello Andriy,

You could try to use "Remote Run/Debug configuration":

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Hi Yaroslav,

Thanks for your advice!

But this case for remote JVM debugging not for remote application debugging (deployed on WAS),
so not sure is it can be useful in my case.

I wanted to see requests in my project in IDEA, while I perform some action in application. A pretty easy guidance for Eclipse you can see here

For this moment I don't see the applicable way, except importing application from WAS to local App Server (e.g. Tomcat)

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According to that article, IDEA does the same thing with "Remote" configuration.

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Thanks once again, I think you are right,
when my bank open WAS debug port on FW I will test it :)


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