Working with downloaded directory hierarchies

Warning ... newbie question ...

I have a various directory hierarchies from books about learning Java for web applications. They all contain full source code
in perfectly sensible directory structures ...



with the source and xhtml files exactly where you'd expect.

My problem is how to use these with IntelliJ ...

Working without IntelliJ is fairly easy .... javac & move the class files into WEB-INF/classes and then one jar command builds the war file, one cp installs it in tomcat.

But how on earth can I use the code in IntelliJ?

If I open it, then I have a seemingly endless set of screens to negotiate with all kinds of weird terminology about articfacts, facets, modules, and
all kinds of things that seem to have nothing to do with java, tomcat, html, or anything else I'm slowly learning about. How and
why isn't there a simple equivalent to javac/jar/cp?

Is what I'm asking so difficult ... book authors all seem to provide these canned directories and from what I can
find, the code works, but getting them into IntelliJ seems amazingly complicated. Am I missing something?

I've attached a zip file for a small web application.



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