How do you update version of JSHint used?

I don't have admin rights to my work PC so this may flavour the question and answer.

I installed WebStorm 8 recently and it has version 2.5.1 of JSHint available in its dropdown.

My company asked me to move to IDEA (13) and it only has 2.4.4 max available.

How does one upgrade the version available? says:

Version                                                       Use this drop-down list to choose the version of the tool to apply.
IntelliJ IDEA comes bundled with version 1.0.0, which is used                         by default.                         IntelliJ IDEA provides the ability to download another version, which is not bundled.                         Actually, the alternative version is downloaded only once, whereupon it is available without                         download.                     

But I cannot find any other information.  I thought it might be as simple as installing a new version into some directory, however I cannot work out which directory.  I can find the following WebStorm directory under my c:\Users\u12345 directory:

  • ./.WebStorm8/system/javascript/jshint

And this contains various versions of JSHint.js (mmmm, interestingly it doesn't contain 2.5.1).

But there is no such directory for IDEA.  There is the following but it contains a file named "versions.json2105254839554338569.tmp"

  • ./.IntelliJIdea13/system/javascript/jshint

Can anyone tell me how to upgrade the version of JSHint used in IDEA?

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Hi Brooke,

Not sure I understood what you mean by Plugins. Generally, JSHint support is available in "JavaScript Support" plugin that is bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.
JSHint 2.5.1 should be available in Version dropdown list. There were some network problems, but now it should be there.


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I wrote specifics in the same question on StackOverflow -  

Hoping it is showing the correct version now as you suggest.



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OK, thanks. I've commented there.


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