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Hi there!

I would like to start a project with gwt and app engine in a local dev environment.
I created a GWT configuration where I selected the AppEngine Dev server.
When I try to run the configuration I get this:

Unable to discover the Google App Engine SDK root. This code should be loaded from the SDK directory, but was instead loaded from file:*/com/google/appengine/appengine-tools-sdk/1.9.3/appengine-tools-sdk-1.9.3.jar.  Specify -Dappengine.sdk.root to override the SDK location.

When I run the AppEngine Dev run configuration it works as expected. My only problem with this is I can't connect to the gwt code server. I guess I need the gwt configuration for that.

What should I do to correctly start the AppEngine Dev from other run configurations?

I use 13.1.3 ultimate version. I have both the app engine and gwt plugin enabled.


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I suppose your project is imported from Maven and it has dependency on 'appengine-tools-sdk' artifact in pom.xml, right? Do you really need this
dependency? If you don't you can just remote it and this should fix the problem. If the dependency is required, you can override the SDK location as
suggested in the error message: add '-Dappengine.sdk.root=path_to_appengine_SDK' to 'VM Options' field in the GWT Run configuration, where
'path_to_appengine_SDK' is path to the full App Engine SDK distribution in the Maven repository, it can be copied from 'Google App Engine' Facet
Settings in 'Project Structure' dialog.

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