Can't connect to TFS from IDEA on a Mac

I'm trying to set up a project to use TFS for version control. My TFS server is only available on a corporate intranet, so I need to connect via VPN to get to the server.  I am running on Mac OS 10.5

When I try to add a TFS server, and I enter in the server name, IDEA is giving me an error that says "Dangling meta character '*' near index 0 *.local ^". Nothing I do seems to make a difference. I always get this error message.

Since the error message mentions "*.local", I originally assumed it was tied to some of the proxy settings that I use when connecting via VPN. In this case, *.local is listed as a URL pattern for which the HTTP proxy will not be used. However, even when I disable my HTTP proxy settings I still get this error. I'm not sure what IDEA is trying to do that is causing this error.

Please let me know if you have any idea on what could be causing this problem.




Hello Tim,

Created an issue for that:

Can you please specify where exactly the error appears and attach IDEA log file?



I have attached the requested information to the JIRA entry


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