IDEA 13.1.3: How to stop autocomplete in comments?

I've been writing a lot of JSDoc in .js files recently, and in /** comment blocks, IDEA 13 insists on autocompleting
my words with functions that are in my library collection.  And it's fast -- typing 'the' and hitting enter to wrap to a new
line is enough to replace 'the' with "toHex" (ToHEx, apparently), with no observable delay.  It is rage-enducing.

Here are my code completion settings:
How can I stop this from happening in comments, without giving it up in the code?

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Hello Tom,

It should be already fixed:
Do you use the latest IDEA version:
If the issue still occurs please attach idea.log ("Help - Show Log in...").

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Hi Yaroslav, thanks for getting back to me!

I appear to be using the latest IntelliJ.  My build number matches the one on the EAP page.  See screenshot:

This screenshot is of the error happening in that version:

Attached is my idea.log, since my latest startup.

Thanks again!

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Please try to disable all third party plugins and check the issue once again.

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The culprit seems to be installing the sources of the Node.js core modules for Node.js code intelligence and completion (  Once this is done, autocomplete turns on in comments.

Is this something that I need to track down the developer(s) of the Node.js plugin to address, or is there something I can easily do about this?



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