[Flex/AIR] "clear to application data" option

Hi there !

Though this might sound weird, I am an happy 2014 mobile Air developer, ;) but since Adobe did not update the tool I use for developement (Flash Builder 4.7) in 3 years, I am seriously considering switching to IntelliJ. I downloaded the demo version and I must say that I am amazed by the product. It lacks only one thing, and it will prevent me from buying it and stick to Flash Builder if I can't reproduce it. I am talking about the Flash Builder option named "clear  application data" in the debug profile settings, allowing to get rid of the local files created by the last debug iteration on device or emulator, and I can't see it in IntelliJ (see image below) :


This thing is mandatory to develop mobile apps, since it's a pain to manually remove those file on each debug.
Any idea or advice on this ? Thanks !

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I'm afraid there's no such check box in IntelliJ IDEA yet :(. Vote for IDEA-106027.
If you do not want to delete *.sol file manually you can write a simple Ant script and configure it as 'Before launch' in Run | Edit Configurations...

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Thanks for your answer.

I added my vote to the IDEA-106027
For me, this is a no go for IJ until it's fixed :(


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