Accents issue on any editor


I'm developing J2EE Maven based application but accents aren't catched correctly by no editor (Editing .java, .xhtml, .txt, ...).
When I press 'à', the editor shows me '�'.
I've checked file encoding (UTF-8) on Settings->File Encodings. Also "IDE Encoding" and "Project Encoding" shows 'UTF-8'.

I've tried to edit a file with system editor Gedit and when I open the file with IntelliJ I can see the correct accent, but I cannot type it...

I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and run the last version of IntelliJ IDEA.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Juanma,

What keyboard layout do you use? What JDK version do you use? Please attach idea.log ("Help - Show Log in").

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I use 'Spain' layout. The option 'Separate layout for each window' and 'New windows use active windows layout' are checked.
I use JDK

I've just tried to select "France" keyboard layout, but the issue continues. I've tried to put a single accent '`' and it success, but when I press an accent with a vowel it fails.

I attach the log


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I tried to use JDK1.7 with no success. I read the solutions or workarounds about Ibus, but the problem still remains.
Finally, I install Lubuntu 14.04 on a Virtual machine in order to test the problem and it works!
So I think is a problem of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or some component (like Ibus) and I will move to Lubuntu 14.04

Thanks for your replies Yaroslav Bedrov


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