"Find Next" stuck on "Find Usages in File" results

Short description: If I ever use "Find Usages in File" (Ctrl-F7), then "Find Next" (F3) seems to be stuck using its results, even if I do a "Find".

Long description:

Here are the steps I'm doing that get me into a state that I find confusing.  I'm hoping that it's just that I'm doing something wrong, and someone here can tell me that if I hit Ctrl-Shift-Alt-touch-nose-with-left-forefinger, I can clear that state.

  1. Select a variable in my code.  Let's say I've selected foobar.
  2. Hit Ctrl-F7 to Find Usages in File.
  3. Hit F3 a few times to Find Next.  The cursor will jump to the next few occurrences of foobar in my code and highlight each as it does so.  That's what I expect it to do, so I'm happy.
  4. Go to the top of the file.
  5. Hit Ctrl-F to Find.  Type a search string into the Find popup thingie and hit Enter.  Let's say I type hello world.
  6. The cursor will jump to the first occurrence of hello world.
  7. Hit Escape to close the Find popup thingie.
  8. Hit F3 to Find Next.  I'm expecting it to go to the next occurrence of hello world, but it actually goes to the next occurrence of foobar.

Note that if I hadn't done the Find Usages in File step, then F3 would work just fine in step 8.  It's that Find Usages in File - it seems to freeze the Find Next string in place until the next Find Usages in File invocation.

Am I doing something wrong?

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