Build 9678 and multiple modules

I'm having a bad day and for some odd reason I'm unable to configure multiple modules in my new IDEA project. I've done this a hundred times but its not working today. Please let me know if I'm doing somethig stupid (most likely) or if there's something new with build 9678.

When I add 1 module, point to the source path, add dependencies, facets etc, the project is setup fine and I can access the Java classes from my project view. When I add another module, with a path separate from the first module, for soem odd reason the project view does not show the tree structure with my source, java classes etc. It only displays the "Libraries" in the tree view.  Now when I remove the first module, the second module starts functioning as expected and I am able to view the classes and navigate the directory structure.

Any ideas?


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So I went back to build 9162 and this works fine. So something between the two builds seems to have gone amiss. I find it hard that no one else has encountered this issue with the latest builds. Anybody?



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