Some Maven ideas..

It occured to me the other day that the project view can also host all the maven functionality as well.  it seems to me that each maven module has an idea module conterpart, so when i have both tool windows open, i cant help but notice the symmetry.

  • - it would be cool to have a node in the project view attached to a module, like the libraries node, that houses a maven node (like in the maveb tool window).  that way, i can perform all maven actions from 1 window from the module i am working on.
  • -  or at least, maven functionality exposed when i right click on a pom in the project view.
  • - maybe maven functionality on a right click menu when editing a pom?



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I played around in IDEA 8.0.1 and noticed that there is a limited navigation facility between Maven modules and pom files in the project view. If you press Alt+F1 anywhere in the maven project view, and select "Project View", it will take you to the pom file in the project tree. Likewise, you can press Alt+F1 on the pom file in the project tree (or in the editor) and navigate to "Maven Projects".
Not exactly what you were asking for, but could be helpful.

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Hi, Trevor,

I did think about it but couldn't make up anything good (concerning hierarchical Maven project in particular).
I'll give it a second shot, though.

Thanks for the idea,
Anton Makeev

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Just an idea...
Maybe you can make pom.xml node in the Project View expandable and place "Lifestyle" and "Plugins" (but not "Modules") inside it?
Also, having project name displayed in grey in parentheses beside pom.xml in the Project View -- that would be a nice touch.


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