Simple IDE problem

All of a sudden my 12.1.4 will not recognize basic java classes like java.lang.String or
For example, import  These classes are now highlighted in red and if I F3 to "View declaration", I get cannot Find Declaration to go to.

If I go to File/Settings/Java Compiler its properly pointing to java 1.5.
If I go to File/Project Structure it's properly pointing to project SDK1.5.

Any thoughts recommendations?  This should be the most simple thing in the world, I don't know why all of a sudden the GUI is showing me everything in red.

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Please try re-creating the Java SDK in Project Structure Settings. If this doesn't help, try File|Invalidate Caches (warning, you will lose local history).

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That worked!  Initially there was no change but then I went into Project Structure, to th
e SDKs tab, removed the SDK, and then recreated and all the classes like java.lang.String would recognizeable again.
Thanks for the workaround!


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