IntelliJ as text editor?

Hi, I'm a long time user of one of your IDEs. Today I found InelliJ Community Edition and my mind was blown finding that it's free. Is there a way however to use it as a text editor, opening files in individual instances without needing to create a new project?  Or is this impossible?
I love your UI, it's so intelligent, yet adapts with the system look. I'd love to just be able to open a random INI, JS, RC, whatever files in a familar coding environment.



It's not possible now. We have a simular request in YouTrack:
Feel free to vote and leave comments.


Until the feature request Yaroslav mentions gets completed, something you can do as a workaround is have a simple "scratch pad" like project open in IDEA. Then you can drag and drop files into it to edit.  Not ideal... but it works for now.


FWIW, I've found VSCode with IntelliJ IDEA Keybindings to be a decent compromise. It's still a _little_ too heavy for my taste, for every-day use outside of programming projects that is, but you get many of the IDEA text editing comforts.


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