Turn off "really undo?" Confirmation popup?


Pressing ctrl-z in Windows causes Intellij to present a confirmation dialog which needs to be confirmed before it will undo typing.  I am experiencing  this while editing javadoc. It's extremely annoying since it prevents me from ctrl -z ing backwards through any amount of typing greater than a few letters. It makes swift, iterative editing of javadoc- thinking, rethinking, rephrasing etc. all but impossible. At leat I am looking for a checkbox with something like " don't show this dialog again". I don't see any option for this under settings.

Am I missing something somewhere?



In 10 years of use I've never seen IDEA do this. The only time it presents an undo confirmation is if you are undoing a major refactoring or a project wide search and replace. But normal typing, pasting, cutting, nope. Try disabling all your third party and non-bundled plug-ins and restarting. It's possible a plugin has a listener on the undo action and is throwing up that dialog. That's the only thing I can think of. If that does solve it, you'll need to narrow down which plug-in it is and report it to that plug-in's developer. If that does not solve it, post the version of IntelliJ IDEA you are using. Also post a screenshot of the dialog.


You got me thnking... I have the ultimate edition and was using the UML part of the program which is just a feature with the ultimate edition (but perhaps its also a plugin)  and when I am not using it (although it's still *plugged in", that is, enabled) the problem goes away. So points for getting me going in the right directino.


I just started having this same issue, seemingly out of the blue.  However, I did recently use the UML class diagram for the first time, which is suspiciously similar to the comment above from "java developer".  I'm using the latest version (as of now): 2018.2.7.  Below is the dialog I get.

I disabled the UML plugin and restarted IntelliJ--the problem went away.  I reenabled the UML plugin and restarted--the problem is still gone.


Hello Doug,

Could you please share idea.log ("Help | Show Log in...") after restarting IDE?


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