Running groovy script that uses AntBuilder (via right click / 'Run') results in NoClassDef org/apache/tools/ant/BuildLogger


I have a groovy  script that works fine when i run  it from the command line (on linux using groovy 2.3.0).  

but when i try to run the same script in intellij  [ 12.1.6  Build: #IU-129.1359 ]  i get the following error:

Caught: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tools/ant/BuildLogger

 at Fio.class$(Fio.groovy)

 at Fio.$get$$class$groovy$util$AntBuilder(Fio.groovy)


Process finished with exit code 1

Here is the script.  it's a very simple one..

def ant = new AntBuilder()

def zipfile = ''

def current = '.' zipfile) {

    fileset(dir: current) {

        include(name: '**/*.txt')




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