new feature: sublime multiple selection in 13.1

I was reading the new features in 13.1 and could not understand this one at all - is there a user manual that describes the feature in detail. I haven't used sublime and should not be expected to know its features. This feature does not seem to be in the help menu either - I searched in various ways for it.

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All of the people asking for the feature were asking for it because it was popularized in the Sublime Text editor. Most coders who describe the feature describe it as sublime multiple selection.

Regardless, its the ability to have multiple concurrent cursors at the same time. As you type, your keystrokes are applied at _all_ of the cursor points. For example, if you want to add the text '<li>' to the front of a bunch of lines, you can quickly drop a cursor on every line and type '<li>'. It's very useful when you want to add the same text in multiple places or if you want to delete the same text in multiple places. It's much more visual then selecting a block of text and crafting a find/replace to accomplish the same task.


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