Prevent display of file watcher "tips"?

Part of my use of IDEA is editing CoffeeScript (.coffee) files. I use external tools (Cake, Grunt, Gulp, etc.) to handle compiling the CoffeeScript. However, every time I open IDEA, I get a "tip" saying "File watcher 'CoffeeScript' is available for this file".

Is there some way to tell IDEA to stop doing this? The file watcher plugin can be useful, but there needs to be a way to make it understand that don't want to use it for some file types, and that it should stop asking me over and over about it.


Click Dismiss link. After that you may notice that CoffeeScript will appear in Settings(Preferences) | Inspections | File Watchers | File watcher available | Suppressed watchers.


That's the thing...I do click dismiss. That seems to work for the current IDEA session, but it keeps coming back again for each new session. I'm looking for a way to permanently tell it to just stop asking. I'm fairly sure IDEA has no way to do this now, but is it something that could be added?


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