My resource properties files are not grouped into bundles

Here what the Help says:

Resource bundle is a set of properties files that have same base name with different language-specific suffixes. A resource bundle contains at least two properties files with similar base name, for example file_en.propertiesand

IntelliJ IDEA recognizes properties files, and if two or more properties files with the names that differ only in suffix, are encountered, joins them into a resource bundle. The new node Resource Bundle '(base name)'appears in the Project Tool Window:

I sure don't see any bundling of the matching properties files in my IDE, version 11.1.1 build IC.117.117.  And I don't see any way to affect this in project or IDE settings.

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What view is opened in the project tool window? See the combo box in the window's title.

For me the bundle is shown, when Project or Packages view is current, and not shown when some scope is current.

NB: please don't confuse Project view with Project Files scope view.


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It would probably help if this were described in Help.  I searched and found nothing that described this visualization.


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The following should be documented but isn't:

To be grouped into a resource bundle the file must have the same prefix followed by _<two characters>.properties.  Example:


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