IDETalk, please help

We have been trying to use it for long time but always ended up giving it up
even though it was very convinient for our distibuted team. The reason is
that connectivity and presense seems to be unstable. Sometimes we have to
restart IDEA several time or add remove jabber users before a iuser becomes
active and can communicate and the next day it might stop working again.

Could you suggest anything I should check? We run lates version of openfire
same vendor who makes smack API you use in IDETalk

With proper reliability and few extra features (such as messages to multiple
recipients and conferencing) IDE Talk could be a great tool for distributed

I wonder if you have any plans to maintain it. At least upgrade to the
latest version of smack API may be?

I would greatly appreciate if you could give us an idea as to IDETalk
future. If it is not going to be maintained, we would regretfully have to
switch to some generic tool losing code pointers, file views etc

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