Anyone have a list of issues with running IntelliJ under Java 8 on OS/X?

I'm curious about the issues with running IntelliJ under Java 8u5 on OS/X. I've seen various complaints but not a lot of concrete issues. I'm curious about what those concrete issues are and whether there are defects filed with Oracle about them. To get the ball rolling, here's my contribution:

1. Fonts show some issues on a retina display. For example, I've seen letters slightly cut off in the editor, but selecting and unselecting the text shows the letters correctly. Not sure if this is retina specific or generic.

2. IntelliJ forces the use of the discrete GPU. This is not specific to IntelliJ, this appears to happen to _all_ Java 8 AWT apps. A hack workaround is to use the gfxCardStatus app.

Anyone else? And anyone with links to Oracle bug reports?


I use IntelliJ with Java 1.8_05 on OS X 10.9.2 but not on a notebook. On my Mac Mini 5.1 it runs without any severe issues. Maybe it's related only to notebooks.


Have you tried 8u20 eap ? A lot of Swing/AWT issues have been fixed


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