Single Method Interfaces, AbstractFactories, constructor references and intellij findability

Hi all,

We are doing this pattern a ton lately:

public ConcreteThing implements Thing {

   public ConcreteThing(String arg1, Long arg2, DependentClass arg3) {

     // ...



Then I need an AbstractFactory:

public ThingCreator {

   Thing makeIt(String arg1, Long arg2, DependentClass arg3);


So we have YET another class that needs to build "Thing"s on demand, so it needs a ThingCreator:

public IUseThings {

   public IUseThings(ThingCreator factory) {

     this.factory = factory;


   private Thing makeAthing() {

       return factory.makeIt(arg1, arg2, arg3);



Ok so in Java8 we can do this:

IUseThings usingThings = new IUseThings(ConcreteThing::new);

and dang that just seems SO slick!  In Unit tests of IUseThings I can mock up ThingCreator and keep my tests nice and unit-y.

But findability in IntelliJ suffers quite a bit here!  Show class hiearchy, goto-implementation, find usages all will show me who the CLIENTS of ThingCreator are (eg: IUseThings, and IUseThingsTest) but I can't find the "ConcreteThing::new" implementation.  At least if i do find-usages on the ConcreteThing constructor it shows up.

I'm wondering if there is some way to make the findability better - do I have to resort to making stub factory classes?

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IDEA 13.1.3 EAP contains ability to find method references/lambdas by functional interfaces, hierarchy view, show definitions should also work. Please give it a try!



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