Can't import static web project from GitHub


I created a "Static Web" project and checked it into GitHub. (It's actually all XML files, but whatever.) I then tried to import it into IntelliJ IDEA 13.0.3 Ultimate by going to VCS->Check out from Version Control->Github. The project imported, but I can't see any of the files in IntelliJ. How do I get it to the same state as I get for a new project?

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There was a problem with importing project from existing sources, it should be fixed in the latest IDEA 13.1.3 EAP builds
( As a workaround you can create a new project and specify directory checked out from
Github as the project location instead of using 'Import Project' action.

Also note that you can commit IDEA project configuration files (*.iml files and .idea directory) to Github as well. This way you can ensure that
you'll get the same project configuration after checkout.

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