Wrong IDEA Home Dirrectory

I just installed fresh Windows 8.1 on my new SSD and then I run IDEA and on "Complete Installation" window it creates a ".IntelliJIdea13" folder on drive D, not on C:\Users\%name%, then if I want to build my artifact to "D:\Foo\Bar\artifacts\" it creates full path inside of user folder instead. (C:\Users\%USER%\Foo\Bar\artifacts). It looks like IDEA confuses D and user home directory. In \.idea\artifacts\artifact_jar.xml output-path is $USER_HOME$/foo/bar/ when I choose Drive D, but when I choose other drive for ex. E: it locates to E:\foo\bar

Original message URL: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5515280#5515280

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