IJ 13 doesn't like JIRA?

I upgraded from v11U to v13.0.3C and then to v13.1.2C, and in both cases, JIRA integration is broken. In 13.0.3, I got HTTP errors that it couldn't contact the host. In 13.1.2, the Test button in the config syas it's successfully contacting the host, but when I try to create a task, it no longer queries JIRA for existing issues.

I tried deleting the query string, in case that was the problem, but even though the field appeared to be editable, I couldn't chagne it. I quit, removed it from ~/.IdeaIC13/config/options/other.xml, but on restart, it still showed up, albeit grayed out.

Are there known issues with JIRA and v13? Is it because it's the Community edition?

Thanks for any insight!


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It may be issue IDEA-120040 which was just fixed a few days ago. So it should be in 13.0.3 (and the next EAP for 13.0.3 if you want to get it sooner).

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Ok, thanks. I think I'll wait until the fix is in 13.1.


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