grails errors juunt-dep:4.10, 2.3.x upgrade

I'm hoping someone may have some insight on how to resolve this issue.  I've been trying to upgrade from grails 2.1.1 to 2.3.x on IntelliJ 11.1.5 and keep running into problems.

At first I had a missing method Exception for conf/groovy-starter.conf where the app would not even begin to compile, but then found a tip to remove javadoc and sources jars:

$ rm dist/grails-*-javadoc.jar
$ rm dist/grails-*-sources.jar

which seem to at least begin the build, however I now get this error:

junit#junit-dep;4.10: not found

I've tried a number of things already:
-download and adding the jar manually
-editing buildconfig.groovy for dependancies, plugins
-invalidating caches
-grails >clean , grails >upgrade

with no effect. Any help would be much appreciated.


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