How do I move / drag tabs from one group to another?


I often work on 2 source files at the same time, so I split the view up in 2.
However, quite often I need to move tabs from one split pane to another. I have tried dragging and dropping the tabs but it does not work. Is this seemingly easy functionality possible in IJ?



Yes, it is possible. There is a video at this blog post that demonstrates how to do this.


Unfortunately it is not working if I right click on a tab and choose to split. If I do this, I cannot drag tabs between the two panes inside the same window.

Creating a new window does not work for me since I have a 27" monitor. I'd rather split a single instance into more panes.


What version of IDEA are you using? And what OS are you on? (Note, there are some UI issues that only surface on Ubuntu. I'm not sure off the top of my head if this is one.)


I am using IJ 13 CE on a Mac (10.9.2)


I can check with some Mac using co-workers on Monday to see if they experience this issue.

You could also try updating your JDK (that IDEA runs under) if it is not the latest. I seem to vaguely recall a Mac UI bug discussed in the forums which was resolved by upgrading the JDK. See Selecting the JDK version the IDE will run under for information.


Just as one last note... when grabbing the tab, you need to drop it on the open file in the target split pane rather than the tab bar of the split pane. That may be a bit counter intuitive. As I said, I'll check with a co-worker on Monday to see if they have issues on their Mac.


You are right, it works if I drag it over the pane rather than over the tab bar.
It actually makes sense this way, since the user does not need ultra high mouse precision on where to drop the tab. As an improvement, I would highlight the target pane when dragging over it to let the user know he can just drop it there.


Erm, I'd say this way makes less sense than dropping it onto the tab bar because it's not expected behavior (based on basically every other tabbed app interface), but it is, of course, easier once you to do it. Yeah, definitely highlighting the target pane would make more UI sense I think.


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