What plugins do I need to get WebStorm functionality in IDEA?

My company (Java + AngularJS shop) is evaluating both IDEA and WebStorm. Based on some Googling, it looks like IntelliJ IDEA is a superset of the *Storm editors, assuming you install the proper plugins:

Practically, if we purchased IntelliJ IDEA 13.1, what plugins would we need to get these WebStorm features:

  • Grunt integration
  • AngularJS integration
  • Bower integration
  • Karma integration
  • JavaScript auto-complete/navigation

Some of these might be available out of the box - I'm just not familiar, so any advice would be great. Thanks!


I believe I installed Angular & Karma plugins. All other are either provided or added by angular plugin (or Javascript support plugin), not really sure.
(in any case, all mentioned plugins are there)

Sergey Simonchik

That's correct. You need to install only Karma & Angular plugins. Other features (Grunt integration, Bower integration, JavaScript auto-complete/navigation) are provided by "JavaScript Support" plugin that is bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition.


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