Preview compiled coffeescript

Hi, I've recently upgraded to IDEA 13.1

In Idea 12 - i had a coffeescript plugin, that allowed me to preview compiled coffee (in js). So, i'd highlight a block of coffee, run the action and voila, instant Java(script). This is a feature i made very regular use of, and am struggling to get it in IDEA 13 - how do i get it back?




We removed this feature because File Watchers provides more general way to compile CoffeeScript to JS. But lot of our users asked us to return compiled CoffeeScript preview. And we did it in 13.1.


That's great news Andrey. Where do i find the feature in IJ - i'm on 13.1.1?

I've got file watchers on coffee working nicely for me, the preview is good for quick check of snippets + more importantly, compiling expressions for the debugger - since your expression eveluator does not yet support coffee script. (i've logged this under;jsessionid=FC7FA344B7FAFEA5443593D7B03C4DA4?tstart=0)


IDEA 13.1.2 will contain "Preview Compiled CoffeeScript" action.


Donwloaded and working in 13.1.2, thanks


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