New forums

I've been using NNTP since the upgrade, but recently my company started blocking non-web ports, so I guess it's back to web interface for me. The new forum style looks good and all that, but not without some problems:

  • The layout seems to be slighly broken for lower resolutions. There's always a horizontal scroll in my browser (both Firefox and Chrome, 1152x864), forcing me to scroll to see next/previous buttons, which leads us to the next point:
  • Navigation is poor. "Next" and "Previous" buttons are relegated to a small corner at the top of the page. These buttons should be on a more prominent location, and duplicated at the bottom.
  • I'm not sure if I like the rich editor thing, specially considering that NNTP compatibility is needed and this is a developer forum, with a lot of old, grumpy, HTML-averse people.

I understand that you're already planning on upgrading again, so please keep these things in mind when doing it. I'll update this thread if I can think of anything else.


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