Maven support hanging onto old library versions

I keep having to manually clean up the module libraries dependencies for our maven project. Why does IDEA keep hanging onto old references for libraries that have been replaced by new revisions of the dependencies in new revisions of the pom.xml?

I keep getting the list of errors grow and have to manually prune the conflicts every few days. I've tried reimporting the project (maven context menu), clearing all caches & restarting. Closing & opening the project and re-resolving the pom with: mvn clean dependency:resolve -U but nothing seems to correct these old references. See attached screenshot, notice the multiple versions of certain libs only one version (the latest) should ever be present?


Using IDEA 13.1.1 on CentOS 6, locally have Maven 3.0.3 on the command line and a custom local repo location (if those make any diference).

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Think I might know what causes this. Could it be jars where I've added source code paths? I'm forever needing to do this as we don't conistsently publish source jars for our modules (dont use maven for all projects). I think the old versions of libs that idea is hanging onto (and I'm having to manually remove) are where I've attached source folders to consecustive versions of the same lib. Does that sound possible?


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