Exclude from re-formatting by file-type Before Commit

Hello -

From a process and maintenance perspective, we'd like all our developers to use corporate standard formatting on all their commits so we'd love to require use of the VCS > Commit Changes > (Before Commit) "Reformat code" checkbox for all commits.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of JSP whose meaning changes when we run the formatter on it so we can't currently blindly run the formatter on all JSP.  We'd like to be able to exclude JSPs from the Before Commit action.  Others before us have reported this:

Any chance this can get some attention?  We just bought 40 licences of Intellij and are otherwise thrilled with the product.

Please advise,
- Luke Nezda

p.s.  We feel @formatter:off is too invasive.


I'd suggest you (and your colleagues) to choose one of these issues and vote for it. That's the right way to attract attention.


Strong call - I just voted for http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEABKL-3347 and I'll ask my colleagues to do the same.


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