SVN 1.8 executable false alert


I'm using lastest Intellij Idea (13.1.1) on lastest MacOS X (10.9.2)

I've installed subversion 1.8 via recently updated MacPorts and seted path to svn (/opt/local/bin/svn) in subversion properties of Idea.

However IDE shows me red baloon with "Can't use Subversion command line client: /opt/local/bin/svn".

BUT. Svn is workig and it uses this executable (because it's only way to make workspace of 1.8 format to be update).

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 03.19.14.png

So it seems to be a false alert, but rather annoying.

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After some investigation I've discovered that svn was ok, but it assumes that there is environmet variable that defines the locale. When I've launched svn in it automaticly set this var for me and svn feels ok. When Idea started svn – this variable remained unseted and svn prints some warnings about it. Next Idea did not get expected output from svn command line utility and showed an error.

Wery simple workaround – set this env var globaly to the system. I've done it in newly created /etc/launchd.conf:

setenv LANG C

setenv LC_CTYPE UTF-8

P.S. if you have authorization problems (ask credentials each tim after restart Idea) – look at the ~/.subversion folder – there will be some interesting reading for you. ;-)


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