Tiling window managers + intelliJ

Anyone has any luck with _any_ tiling wm?

I'm using awesome.
- window ignores rules, and appears always floating, vertically maximized, no matter what rules say
- window doesn't get focus when changing desktop on mouse over, unless another window had it first

It feels like java apps are made of pure evil when in a tiling wm...


I think not enough attention is paid to tiling window managers. I am also using Awesome 3.5.3. If I open multiple projects, and try switching from one to another by clicking on the task bar rectangle, I am not able to switch. I need to minimise one project. Only then I can see the other project.


Indeed, same here. Note that the switching issue only happens after you've opened another subwindow of intellij (such as "search class" or "settings"). Before that, it works as expected...


This problem still exists for IntellJ v2017.1.4


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