how to make intellij recognize the Spring settings


I'm using Intellij 13.1 for MAC. I opened my project by import -> open the pom
and I have clicked almost all the checkboxes for the project opening dialog, like
open the projects recursively, etc

but still, after the project is open, I got

Spring Configuration Check

Unmapped Spring configuration files found.
Please configure/setup          Spring facet for modules:

which has almost all my modules listed.

Could you please shed some light into how to resolve this? Thanks a lot

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it is a little bit confusing here. The multi-module project has been created a while ago and I don't want to re
-add the spring config for each module as there are many Spring configs there and there are a dozen of modules. Is there
a way to let the project settings recognize the spring files automatically and recursively?

I tried to add Spring facet using the project structure but it seems to ask me to select it for each module, which is a pain to do

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If there is already an existing Spring facet setup, you can safely ignore the notification (it only points to Spring configuration files which have not been mapped already to help you detect missing ones).
You can disable "Spring Facet" detection in modules or globally in project via Project Structure dialog, or disable inspections "Spring Facet ....".


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