9008: SVN 1.5 branch merge functionality

The SVN 1.5 branch merge functionality is not working at all well in 9008. We just tried it, and it totally screwed up the merge, picking incorrect URLs for the "from" branch, and then writing the wrong values out in to the svn properties for the various affected directories.

We dropped back to using the regular integrate to branch functionality which still works ok. We did notice that IDEA very kindly re-ordered imports on the branch integration, on the fly, without asking, resulting in a whole bunch of files being flagged as changed in the merge status, when in fact they were not - it was IDEA locally modifying the imports of files that it was copying on the fly - not a great behavior.

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Hello Nick, could you please describe the problem with wrong URLs?

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The "from:" URL was detected incorrectly (and you cant change it) - it only had http://ipaddress/svn/branches/ as the from URL rather than http://ipaddress/svn/branches/release-6/ which is the URL that the working copy was based off of. After looking at the changes that IDEA made to the various SVN properties files for the merge info, we ended up dropping the working copy.

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IDEA takes information about branches from settings (though it fill settings with some default guess).
IDEA detects URL where your working copy had been checked out from, but for merges it needs to be told branches configuration.

You should use Configure Branches dialog, and specify there:
- "trunk" URL
- "branches" URL, where:

branch URLs are immediate children of "branches"; for any path "branches"/immediate_child should be a copy of "trunk" (or vice versa);
your working copy (URL) should be under or equal to trunk or any branch


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