High DPI support

(I've tried to post comment to IDEA-15853 but the tracker just swallowed my comment without any message)

So, IDEA is hard to use on computers (laptops!) with increased DPI.
Somebody is facing the same: http://www.mail-archive.com/eap-list@intellij.com/msg03067.html

It's obvious that increasing font sizes will help, but actually it is wrong way to go: I DO WANT to have increased DPI in windows so that all my other programs in windows look normal, too. And if I increase DPI, Idea fonts are heavily blurred.

Is it possible to address this problem somehow?


Hi, I have the same issue with my 4k display on new ASUS laptop.


Sorry! no idea about this problem I have also driver issue like Asus pc link driver error 0x111, If anybody has a solution of this error then share your views I am waiting for your important answer.

Thanks a lot!


@Ammywatsan2018 what issue with DPI do you have? What is your OS and screen resolution?


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