WEB_INF/lib not showing up in project tree

Using Diana.

My WEB-INF/lib doesn't show up in the Project tree... it was there earlier in the week...

Evidence it still exists:
- Looking in my file system, there it is.
- Using intellij, I can refactor files into the lib directory! I just don't see them in the tree view anymore.

Any ideas? Maybe an svn snafu?

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I guess all jars in a lib directory are now shown under Libraries... Is there an option to display jars which are in my project directory in both places (Project and Libraries)? This is how it used to be in my IDEA 7 configuration.

Why this is a problem: I cannot add jars in /WEB-INF/lib/ to my svn. Specifically, I cannot right click and get a subversion menu-item.

Thank you for any help.


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