Multi monitor arrangement changes not considered


My situation:
I am using #8940 on windows XP. I tend to use my laptop in the office with a an external monitor, then hibernate and go home, then use it without the monitor at home. Because I am working on a very big problem quitting and restarting IDEA is not my favorite action (nothing bad said about IntelliJ, we have 1.7G of java source in 30k+ files).

My problem:
When I am at home IntelliJ does not look at the screens arrangement. It often displays dialog boxes on the external screen that is not connected andoren. Quitting/restarting IntelliJ helps but is not what I want

I implemented a fix for this situation in our application by checking the screen list against the intended window location and forcing it on screen if it is not. Simple change, huge benefit.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?


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Please raise a JIRA for this - I would vote massively for it as I do exactly the same as you. Having to manually move windows and dialog boxes once at home is a PITA.

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Start voting massively ;)

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I find this is a pain too... have voted.


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