Error: Duplicate platform iPhone-ARM found for extension

I'm evaluating IntelliJ for use with Flex application. Our application uses Air Native Extension (ANE).
We were successful in adding the ANE to our project and both run and debug the application on iPad.
The problem is when we run the application using the emulator we get the following error:
[AIR Debug Launcher]: The content cannot be loaded because there was a problem loading an extension: Error: Duplicate platform iPhone-ARM found for extension com.domain.TheANE

The problem is resolved if we remove (or comment) the <extentionID> element in the application descriptor. The problem it is very error-prone to do that.

Any idea of how to make both the on-device and emulator work with the same application descriptor?

Thank you,


Probably dependencies are not confgured properly. I can check it if you attach your the *.iml file and describe folder contents where your SWCs and ANEs are located (screenshots are ok).


Please see the ilm file.
I have only the ANE file of this extension. I don't have the SWC.

The ANE file itself is inside the src directory. Specifically src/com/ourcompany/youtube/player/YoutubeiOS.ane

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IML file is the one where IDE stores module settings. Usually it is located in the module root folder. Please attach it.

Note that it is not the best idea to keep library file in the source folder. I'd suggest to move *.ane to the folder like [module root]/lib.


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