8995 hanging when adding modules and refactoring

Build 8995 is the first EAP build in a long time that has so many problems
that i have to
backout to a previous version. After using it half a day I have had about 7
pretty different
problems that involved hangs that lost work, having to delete caches and
start over, and
generally having to kill the idea process because it simple goes away
maxxing out one core out of four. Its unuseable
and not just because of one bug or so.

Also it seems that Diana over the last months has an increasingly harder
time doing refactoring -- especially when it comes to
handling any subversion changes. I pretty consistently now have to go back
and add or delete files that it missed and it seems to leave the
working directories garbled enough that I have had to check out the tree
again and hand update any new, changed,
or deleted files from the broken tree into the new tree. Needless to say
this is an error prone process and I have lost work
and time.

I wish I had time to stop what I am doing and document all these problems
but I just don't. I need to get back to something
that allows me to code effectively.

Has something so fundamental changed within Idea 8 that I have to worry
whether its ready for prime time even in these release candidates? I have
always been impressed at how every EAP seems pretty useable even if it has a
few small problems that were easy to avoid. This is some sort of sea change.


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