Module Compile Dependency from .war!/WEB-INF/lib?


I have module where I am dependent on a number of .jar files that resides within a pre-built .war file. When adding a compile dependency, I can browse that .war file and select the WEB-INF/lib directory and manuall assign it to be a jar directory (auto discovery does not work). The dependency looks alright in the module config, but no libraries are loaded. What gives? Is this supported or not? I would prefer to keep it this way and not having to extract the files before compile etc.

I can use the same .war file to build another (working) archive, so there *seems* to be nothing wrong with that file (although you of course never quite know I guess...).


UPDATE: I am using IDEA 13.0.1 (and have been a happy user since 1.0 :D)

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